Taking place in the world at the moment, the role of education and investor awareness is more important than it was in the past and in helping to rebuild investor confidence in investing in financial markets and for this it has become very important to those investment from capital markets and brokerage firms, financial institutions and With other cooperation between them in order to promote a culture of investment.

From this standpoint, and its importance has been the formation of a committee educate the investor decision of the Secretary of the Management Committee, the stock market Libyan No. (22) for the year 1377. R. (2009) where the purpose of forming this committee is to develop a strategic plan to educate the Libyan investors of the risks of investing in financial markets in order to avoid and protect it from should be raised by investors see plenty of investment opportunities in the Libyan financial market, and the risks associated with these opportunities; and how to avoid falling into scams.

And of the tasks of this committee to provide effective educational programs with high efficiency for the education of the investor and to build a sound foundation to educate the investor in Libya, which results in the way of sound investment. The Committee will also organize workshops and seminars designed to educate investors.

The Committee will oversee the editing and publishing a wide range of educational content to meet the diverse needs of different groups in the Libyan society and include evidence of awareness and will also organize awareness campaigns include the preparation and distribution of many publications education aimed at raising investment awareness of all categories of investors in the Libyan Stock Market