Advices and guidance to deal in securities market

Dear investor, you should know a group of things before you head to invest in the stock market, so as to avoid many of the risks that can be exposed, and until you achieved the level of protection and safety when your dealings in the stock market

the most important are:

When you select a brokerage firm, you should make sure that a company licensed by the market to practice the profession of brokerage.

Before making any investment decision from the sale or purchase, you should determine:

The amount of money you wish invested.

The investment period is required.

Your investment objectives in the future.

Size and type of perceived risk and the extent of your ability to afford them.

Do invest in funds that exceed your needs and your obligations, and make sure you hold and you get the amount of liquidity sufficient to meet the emergency.

Do not take investment decisions based on rumors, but relied on the sources of reliable information and the extent of your analysis and your understanding of it.

Not subject to the pressures of others

Follow up with the brokerage firm on a regular basis, and make sure they complete it according to your instructions.

Follow the movement of prices in the market continuously.

Read and follow all regulations and instructions issued by the market or the relevant authorities, and investment in securities

and the protection of the rights of investors.

  Attend the general assembly’s of the companies that own the shares and receive dividends on the shares in the case of distribution at the times specified

.Ask question and inquire about matters relating to the investment of your decision and with qualified people.