About the Central registry and depository

The  Central registry and depository department is an important role in the development of the work of the Libyan stock market in order to reach the highest levels of performance during work on the stability of transactions, and provide an element of safety and speed in carrying out clearing and settlement, and relies on the latest advanced technology in the field of information.
The central registry depository is the only department in the Libyan stock market, which provides clearing and settlement of the trading that took place in the market and is responsible for the registration and management and conservation of listed securities in the market and the transfer of ownership after the completion of the settlement.
The core functions of the Department :-
The significance of the central depository and registry in the stock market through the major tasks and the numerous and include:
1. Settlement operations, which are trading in the securities market of Libya.
2. Operational assessments (the distribution of cash and paper profits, the capital increase, merger ..... etc.) in accordance with the resolutions of the General Assemblies of the exporting companies of the financial paper.
3. Give a figure for the common investor, and the figure of the paper circulated in the market.
4. Maintenance of records management and shareholders on behalf of the issuers of securities.
5. Statements of securities accounts of the shareholders.
The objectives of the Central registry and depository.
The application of a delivery versus payment securities only when the buyer paysystem, meaning it will not be delivered for the transaction to the seller.

Assist in raising the efficiency of the capital market through the application of established international standards in global financial markets.

Working to reduce the risks arising from the between financial investors. Receipt and delivery of the securities dealer
Reduce the risks resulting from fraud and loss and damage securities, and through the application of the central filing system.
Book rather than Saving time and effort by dealing through restrictions physical trading of securities.
Work to provide security for investors and adjustments in  confidence through the completion of the financial timely manner to do so.
Ensure access for shareholders benefits resulting identified. From the securities pays off in financial
Provide an atmosphere of safety and stability for investors to interact with the market confidential information on their own and not accepting any orders through non-formal or documented in the implementation of any action.