Money laundering

Market regulations and rules governing the trading between the broker and the client to ensure the absence of a money-laundering operations in which, by providing explicitly in the Article (128) of the rules and regulations of the market where it is stated, "is committed to the characteristics of the mediators to inform investors when the market ahead of their dealings, and the mediators responsible for the safety of operations and trading to their conformity with the laws and regulations and resolutions in force and governing the operations of trading and in particular the following: --
Verification of personal investment and ownership of the securities described eligibility for disposition.
Ensure that dealings in securities are sound and are free of fraud, swindling, fraud, exploitation or speculation phantom.
Article (130) that "the mediator is committed to providing a list of his staff and denominated career and his representatives and his aides, who require adequate and sufficient knowledge of the work, and that includes this statement as well as models of their signatures and addresses and telephone numbers, names and addresses of relatives to the second degree, as well as the mobilization of the questionnaires and to make data and information required of it.
According to the Article (135), paragraph (6) that: - Verify the absence of money laundering activities hidden in the mediator.
In the light of what had been his statement, we find that the market has put the rules for anti-money-laundering must therefore activate the staff of these rules and the development and consistent with the evolution of the market to ensure that the regulatory duty to the fullest.

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