Management functions
1- The obligation for companies working in the field of securities rules and legislation related to the Libyan market securities.
2 - To provide an appropriate climate for investment and savings funds in securities serve the interests of the national economy and achieve the safety of dealings and protect investors.
3 - Raise the efficiency of the financial market and protect investors from unfair practices and unsafe.
4 - Regulate and control the stock market and identify licensing requirements and financial services companies and the requirements to be met at the IPO and private placement.
5 - to strengthen the levels of supervision and periodic disclosure (financial statements) and disclosure of substantive information and transparency of listed companies in the market.
6 - Adoption of public subscription of the press releases of the new securities.
7 - Contact the financial markets abroad for the exchange of information, experience and membership organizations and associations of Arab and international relevant securities.
8 - Establishing the foundations of a just and proper handling of the various categories of investors.
9 - to deepen the confidence of clients in capital markets and investment in the development of awareness of investors.
10 - Establishing the rules of professional conduct among workers in the field of securities.
12 - To ensure stability of operations in the stock market of Libya.
13 - Development of the controls that limit the risks associated with securities dealings.
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