Contributions are paid for each period and the obligations arising from the intervention of the Fund's operations in cash or certified instrument on behalf of Settlement Guarantee Fund
Time within which notice of the delivery of payment to the bank management of the Fund is the timing of the payment will depend within the electronic system of the Fund
The commitment of companies in the payment schedule provides for fines and the points calculated by the electronic system
The need for daily review by the delegates in each brokerage firm to the customer service desk market, Benghazi and Tripoli, and especially in the days of settlement for transactions executed by each company
The company upon payment of the obligations they must fund the delivery of notice of payment to the management of the Fund as soon as possible so as to establish the electronic payment system and thus is dependent delay and expense in exchange for points on the company
Enter the Fund in cash at the company move securities to replace the Fund after payment of the company for its securities will be refunded to the investor's ownership of the original buyer and is has been proved that the electronic payment system and thus the speed of payment balance of the investor to make available for sale
Accurately calculate the value of the settlement and deposited in a timely manner that avoids interference from the company to fund its cash
The delivery of sales orders for the operations carried out during the period of the deadline for the company that avoids interference from the Fund and the paper on its operations
Payment of the contribution or lack of "participation" during the time given deadline, avoiding the company pays for a large delay values
Not to withdraw the benefits of the company's surplus account in the value of their participation, is that it gives them more room in the case of infringement of the value of their participation in the intervention of the Fund's operations,  It also gives them the biggest points in the distribution of returns in the investment fund