The listing of foreign securities in the market according to the tables of the requirements for listing securities of Libyan destinations, taking into account the following:


1. Request of the foreign student insertion site of the person or entity authorized to officially sign on behalf of the entity. 

2. Meet all the provisions contained in the law of the country of its founding. 

3. Take the form of a joint stock company. 

4. Securities to be listed on the stock market in the foreign state entity subject to its laws. 

5. To abide by the rules and regulations governing the work of the market. 

6. Securities to be issued in convertible currency of the Libyan dinar. 

7. That have been established for the period of not less than two years and issued them Mizanitan Medkguetan by a certified auditor.

 8. Capital not less than the equivalent of 1,000,000.000 million Libyan dinars and not be less than the number of shareholders (100) shareholders. 

9. To have made a net profit available for distribution to shareholders at least an average of about 5% of the paid-up capital during the two years preceding the date of submission of the listing application. 

10.  General assembly of the company once a year at least. 

11. Did not have authority or the State of the nationality of any restrictions on absolute prohibition of the transfer of stock ownership among dealers of non-nationals and Statement of Limited restrictions, if any. 

12. To provide the pledged to publish its balance sheet and the results of their work in the day-to-day means of publication in Libya before allowing the circulation of shares in the market. 

13. To appoint the representative in Libya shall undertake registration stocks and dividend and receiving and issuing reports and documents related to the work side, and may be representative Libyan stock market or a bank operating in Libya and licensed by the Central Bank or one of the companies working in the field of securities. 

14. Any other conditions approved by the Libyan stock market, and the market may - in appropriate cases - excluding foreign entities that want to list its shares on the market of any of the conditions and requirements specified in these Regulations. 

Must be included requests for the listing of foreign bodies following data: -


1. Name of the foreign and the main administration center and indicate the legal form and the amount of capital and the number of shareholders and the date of its founding statement nationality. 

2. The name of the listing application with the destination and date of its authorization officially submit the application. 

3. Nominal value of the shares of the foreign. 

4. The names and addresses of Auditors who have assumed the task of auditing the two fiscal years preceding the date of submission of the listing application. 

5. The name or names of the markets in which they incorporated entity. 

6. The procedure for the transfer of ownership of stock and whether there are restrictions on the transition to non-citizens of the state followed by the nationality. 

7. Name of the representative in Libya whose duty is to register the transfer of stock ownership and profit distribution, receiving and issuing reports and documents related to the work of the entity. 

The request for the insertion of the market according to the form prepared for this purpose, together with the following documents: -

Report issued by the Board of Directors includes the following: -

 A - Brief founding and purpose and its relationship to any other company. 

B- Determine which securities previously issued by the hand, and those that want the issuing authority in the foreseeable future.

C - the names of those who own more than 5% of the securities issued by the number owned by each of them. 

D - important events that passed by the authority from the date of its inception until the date of submission of the listing application. 

E - assessment of the Governing Council, supported by figures for the performance and achievements compared to the established plan.

 Financial statements of the hand shall include: -

 A - the annual financial statements for the fiscal years preceding the date of submission of the listing application supported by a certified auditor in the mother country. 

B - interim financial statements covering the period from the end of the previous financial year to the date of submission of the listing application and until the end of the last quarter preceding the date of the application to be approved by the auditor. 

Public documents containing body: -

 A - Memorandum of Association and its statute duly certified by the state which has the nationality. 

B- The inclusion of the certificate in the financial market of the mother country and other foreign markets (if any). 

C - minutes of meetings of the General Assembly for the two fiscal years preceding the date of submission of the listing application. 

E - A copy of the budget and published the results of the work in one of the daily means of publication. 

D- Vowed that there are no limitations to the authority or the State followed by the nationality limit the freedom of movement of share ownership among dealers, or the type of statement the restrictions on this deal.


Document to appoint a representative body in Libya, which shall undertake registration of shares and the distribution of profits and receiving and issuing reports and documents related to the work of the entity.

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