To those which are eligible for inclusion for the commitment for mobilization of the models, and attach the following documents with the request for inclusion:

1. Memorandum of Association and Regulations of the hand, and an extract of the entry in the Commercial Register.

2. A list of board members and the names of senior members of executive management and the curriculum vitae of each member of any securities owned by them and their respective percentage ownership in the capital and their relatives up to the second degree and the membership of any of them on the boards of other companies, as well as their contribution to others over the ownership of the 5%.

3. A containing the names of the shareholders and the percentage ownership of each of them in the capital, as well as a diskette containing this information.

4. Personal data to those responsible for communicating with the authority to market and respond to queries.

5. The relationship with other actors, whether holding companies or subsidiaries.

6. The names of persons authorized to sign on with the signatures of the models adopted.

7. Summary of important contracts that the companies or their parties and during the two years previous to the request for listing.

8. A copy of the Minutes of the last general assembly meeting.

9. Financial statements approved by the legal sources.

10. A statement of any mortgage on the stock for the region.

11. The fair value of shares approved by an independent expert.

12. Any information or other documents determined by the Management Committee of the market