Sub-table A
Include the securities of issuers which meet the following conditions: --
A sub-table

1. All the basic listing requirements, such as:
• to abide by the rules governing the work of the market.
• be committed to pay the initial fee and periodic market.
• must be in the restricted market, and be credited to its securities filing system and the central registry.
• The absence of any restrictions on the transfer of ownership of securities to be included.
• The restriction is for the entire financial papers shall be exported under the following versions within a month of the date of completion of all formalities crisis.
• To sign the Listing Agreement with the market.
• Any other conditions established by the Management Committee and do not violate the legislation in force.

2. Minimum capital (100,000) one hundred thousand Dinars or the equivalent.
3. to contract with a sponsor accredited by the Libyan Stock Market.
4. Must be the exercise of its already for a year and at least one, and have earned profits from its main activity in that year by not less than (5%) of the capital.
5. The number of shareholders not less than 10 shareholders.
6. Not be less than the proportion of free float of five percent (5%) of the capital.

Sub-table B
Include the securities that do not qualify for the main tables and table subsection (a) taking into account the following:

1. Minimum capital (100,000) one hundred thousand Dinars or the equivalent.
2. Not be less than the number of shareholders for the 10 contributors

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