Moving the  listing of securities between market tables if they meet or loss the conditions of the Organization for each table, based on the decision of the Committee for listing.

Listing Committee may transfer the listing of securities among market tables, and in accordance with the following provisions

1.If you lose one of the requirements for listing in the table and not Tstoph within the period specified by the listing committee.

2.If it appears that the listing was based on incorrect data affect the integrity of the listing

3. If you do not the author of the paper unscheduled financial key to fulfilling its obligations to disclose in accordance with the rules of disclosure to the market.

4.If it does not comply with the financial standards that have been listing the basis for two consecutive years in a row.

5 . If it stays six consecutive months without a contract trading on its securities.

.If you do not the payment of registration fees and periodic assessments or fees vacated by the obligations entered into by the commitment to the market.

7. If financial statements showed the presence losses in the last three fiscal years.

And be included if they meet the condition or conditions that led to the move.

Securities are written off included the decision of the Management Committee in the following cases:

. Final judgment dissolution and liquidation.

. Expiry entity unless renewed by a decision of the General Assembly.

. At the request of the issuer of the security to be with the consent of the General Assembly.

. Contravention of instructions issued by the Management Committee of the market.

.If the foreign company was removed from the capital market for the company's country.

This paper is returned Finance that is removed when the demise of the reason for cancellation