Disclosure requirements

1. The provisions and disclosure requirements set forth on all sides ofsecurities market tables.

2. Prohibits the exaggerated you disclose or publish, data or information that is not consistent with the fact that the situation in all cases must be published e documented the setting function when requested by the market.

3. Prohibits the making any data or information affecting their conditions or on its financial position and in particular to financial analysts, financial institutions or any other parties before it is disclosed to all in accordance with the provisions of the disclosure contained in this Regulation.

4. The entity identifying responsible for relations with investors be responsible for market access and respond to inquiries from shareholders and investors also distributes press releases on the body including the information and data determined by the market.

5. The agency shall furnish the records of the meetings market AGM and EGM within fifteen days from the date of the meeting and notify the market of any action taken by the competent administrative authorities. And the right to access market at the headquarters and the documents and documents on the side to ensure that the annual report of the Board of Directors the following data:

- Memorandum and the Statute:

- A list of the Board of Directors and the names of members of the senior executive management and curriculum vitae of each member

- Savior contracts that are important entity or its subsidiaries is a party.

- A copy of the minutes of the last meeting of the general assembly.

- Financial statements approved by the authorized auditor.

- Any other information determined by the Management Committee and not contrary to the legislation in force

6. On the market immediately after the notification of any amendments to the attached data with the listing application or received the annual report of the Board of Directors as the case may be, or any actions taken by the administrative bodies if it affects the situation or its financial position and in particular -:

- Any amendments to the Statute.

- Change the External hand 0

- Any change in the presidency of the Board of Directors or members or D e Council or the Lead Managers 0

- Change the title of the Registrar or their own phone numbers.

- Explaining the capital structure ratio of contributions by more than 5% of the capital.

- Notify the market data and the proposed press releases that may have an impact on

- Securities of hand, and in accordance with the procedures laid down by the market, and the market demand any data you see.

7. On the notification market for internal procedures to ensure that not be allowed to board members or managers or employees trading on the shares of the within fifteen days before and three days after the publication and dissemination of any data or material information may have a significant impact on the price of the securities of the hand as An entity shall notify the market of its intention to purchase treasury shares and market data dissemination process in the trading panel on the date of purchase.

8. Listed on the market provide him with the following:

- Copy of the annual financial statements and the notes upon adoption of the Board of Directors authority accompanied by the directors' report and the report of the External Auditor to be done before the start of the trading session the next day on most of the numbers are also provide market are from those lists and minutes of General Meeting public within ten days from the date of ratification of the General Assembly and on CD Computer prepared in accordance with the program of the one who determined the market before the start of the trading session on the following day at the latest statement supported the amendments and their impact on the financial statements, and to be prepared annual financial statements and adoption during a period not exceeding three months from the date of the end of the financial year.

- Attach the annual financial statements annual management report of the Board.

- A copy of the quarterly financial statements attached summary report of the external auditor within thirty days from the date that the mentioned period also recorded on a computer disk prepared in accordance with the program determined by the market.

9. The obligation to prepare financial statements in accordance with the standards of the International Accounting also be reviewed in accordance with the rules of international auditing and it must be noted explicitly in account Tgarirmuradja.

10. Runway parties are obliged to have a securities market publish annual financial statements and semi-annual and explanatory notes and the auditor's report and observations of the market in two widely circulated daily newspapers at least one of the Arabic language and within one week from the date of ratification of the General Assembly.

11. Observance of the provisions of these Regulations is committed actors runway securities sub-market schedules published annual financial statements and the notes and the auditor's report upon adoption by the Assembly in the newsletter issued by the market.

12. On each side facing events substantial is available to the public to notify the market by as soon as they occur, or in the legal dates specified for that or during's time limit set by the market to allow market deployment of these events on the trading screens immediately or before the first trading session following the time of the those events in first number of the Bulletin Journal published by the market after these events, if the events occurred core emergency in times of public holidays will be on the to announce these events in two widely circulated daily newspapers that are reporting the market as soon resume work, and in particular the following:

- Any change in the ownership structure consequent consequent increase or reduce the share of one of the members of the Board of Directors by more than 5% of the capital.

- Access to strategic investors.

- Any proposed new version of the bonds and any guarantees or mortgages they relate, or call or cancel securities previously issued registered (accelerate the repayment of bonds or purchase treasury shares).

- Any change in the funding structure and financial situation of the consequent increase the size of the obligations of the rights of ownership, as well as any restrictions on lending available to hand.

- Any material change in investment policies, such as the opening of new branches or activities or liquidation of subsidiaries or activities list or to resort to a policy of leasing rather than ownership of some tools or factors of production or vice versa.

- Agreement on the purchase or sale of investments or a stake in the entity to or from one of the members of the Board of Directors or the external auditor or a company's managers or one of their relatives up to the second degree or preparation program facilitates the purchase of shares owned by the hand.

- Lawsuits against the related to its activity or one of the members of the Board of Directors or a manager or any judgments about them.

- The issuance of any decisions or judgments affect the activities of the entity and any modification or withdrawal or cancellation of such decisions.

On that side is committed in its notification to the market due diligence to make sure that any facts أومعلومات you communicated be true and not misleading, and it does not exclude or delete or hide the fact or information that would influence the content of such facts or information.

13.Have a hand in matters which are still at the stage of negotiations to prove that writing has identified with people who have information about these negotiations if the thought that there is a leak of information related to these negotiations was on the dangers of the market immediately. Must stakeholders who reach them information in secret not to deal on securities of such entity during that period to become that information available to all on the notification management market with any data required in this regard especially with regard to the names of persons with regard who was briefed on the information referred it.

14. If the body's desire to declare the general assembly of shareholders for some information that may entail concrete action in the prices of listed stocks is on the in this case take the necessary measures to inform the market with this information so that the information becomes available to the shareholders at the meeting before the published This information on the trading screens at the same time impart to the shareholders at the meeting.

15. Events are published in coordination between the core and management of the market and not be publishing during the hours of trading unless such information due immediate deployment in that case is to suspend trading on the securities for a period determined by the Secretary of the Management Committee of the market. And must not be held in the Board of Directors for their meetings during trading hours whether to discuss things relating to or affecting the prices of its securities listed on the market.

16. Prohibits board members who, officials or people who they could get access to information not available to others and have an impact on the price of the securities, the purchase or sale of securities to which they relate this information without prejudice to any other restrictions contained in this regard.

17. On the body that are interested in buying part of its shares (treasury shares) taking into account the rules governing so, to notify the market so soon decide so, and notification must include the reasons for buying the for their shares and the source of funding the procurement process and whether the purchase will be a single process or through specific program, and the plan for the disposal of shares purchased.

18. The entity listed in the market and willing to split the nominal value of its shares, taking into account the regulations which govern the process of dividing the stock, notify the market partition and its causes.

19. Committed to the issuer of the security by announcing Assembly Resolution on the distribution of profits in cash or in the form of bonus shares, or both, and taking into account the following:

- Regulations governing the distribution process in the form of bonus shares.

- Notify the market distribution Assembly resolution in the next day for the issuance of this decision.

- Publication of the decision on the distribution of Assembly in two widely circulated daily newspapers.

- Notify the market on distribution