1. Central Depository:
Is the system under which the deposit and the preservation and transfer of securities by book entry or electronic, including:
• keeping the securities in the market or one of the licensees to do so.
• The rights under the mortgage securities.

2. Central Registry:
System whereby the maintenance of paper or electronic records relating to the ownership of securities, including:
• keeping records of names of owners of securities and it is the rights and actions.
• Distribution of benefits resulting from the securities deposited centrally, including dividends, whether cash or in shares or the values of recovery.
• Publication of reports and the information disclosed by issuers of financial paper.

3. Clearing:
The process by which the determination of net rights and obligations of the parties to the trading of securities.

4. Settlement:
The process by which the completion of any contract for the transfer of ownership of traded securities from the seller to the buyer and the payment of the price of the final, unconditional and dates determined by the market.

5. On the settlement:
The day fixed by the management committee for the settlement of market trading.

6. Bank-off:
This is a bank settlement and clearing between banks, cash settlement.

7. Financial Statements:
Financial Statements set forth in the Commercial Code and all the accessories and complementary explanations and additional tables and financial statements include the following integrated components:
Balance Sheet and Income Statement and a list of changes in property rights and a list of cash flows.

8. Delivery versus payment:
It is the manner in which the delivery of which securities in exchange for the payment of the price.

9. Investor Account Number:
A figure to be given to each investor on the management systems in the market may not give a figure for more than one investor.

10. Holding Company:
The company has capital of another company by not less than 51% and has control over management.

11. Of the company:
Holding Co. The company owns 51% of its capital, at least.

12. Facilitator:
Person licensed by the exercise of market intermediation in securities in accordance with the statute and the rules and regulations governing the securities market of Libya.

13. The work of mediation:
Is the work which is to mediate between the parties to reach a deal to buy or sell securities without that there will be a working relationship directly or indirectly between any of these acts of the parties to the transaction, and without being under the command of one of them, however, or his representative within the Convention between them.

14. Profession:
The profession of mediation in the securities.

15. Agents:
Representatives of the mediators in the circulation.

16. Beneficial owner:
The true owner of the paper has no financial rights of the paper produced from the dividend or retail securities and other operations.

17. The registered owner:
Each of the permits to carry the activity of which is the deposit of securities on behalf of and for the benefit of another person is the beneficial owner.

18. Secretary of conservation:
Each activity authorized to carry on securities dealing with conservation and handling, administration and on behalf of the owner himself or herself or on behalf of the registered owner and for the benefit of the beneficial owner within the boundaries of instructions investor.

19. Mortgage:
Under the right to respond to the securities for the benefit of the creditor mortgagee only prohibits dealing in the case of a mortgage or raise the due process of assessments for the sale.

20. Freezing:
Prevent the disposal of securities held in any form, at the request of the owner of the securities or his legal or a regulatory or judicial.