About Training

   Researches & Studies department in Libyan Stock Market is responsabil for preparing monthly & annually progress reports and supervise studies concerning the market’s goals and interests, relying on research and analysis basics. Also, responsible to keep on contact with the research and study centers in & out the country.

The department provides a clear vision of the national and global economy that effect on the development & investment process.

The department welcomes all guests’ suggestions and views to contribute in development the department. Also, we will be thrilled to receive your researches, scientific studies and any other research paper to publish in our website soon.

    Training methodology

In consideration to the important role of Libyan Stock Market growing the national economy and contributing in promoting the living standards of locals through investing their assets in Libyan Stock Market.

Thereof, the Libyan Stock Market has designed an efficient program to train stock market’s professionals, as intermediaries & finance professionals in listing companies, bank sectors, accounting companies, editors and investors in the stock exchange, throughout implementing & organizing  training programs, in cooperate with local & international experts.

Our Policy

Deeping the training impact and investing income in training for the recipients of training services.

Focus on the use and application of modern training methods.

Provide the appropriate training invironment for the success of training programs

Use the modern technology to implement the training peocess

Our Messgae

  We seek to build a cadre specialized in financial markets

Our Partners

Relationships with financial market and scintific, regional and international institutions forms a great componant in devoloping training programs in the specialties regarding  financial markets. So, the libyan Stock market’s view is nessecary to establish relationships with these organizations through cooperation agreements between libyan stock market and these institutions, As our patners as follow:

Reding Unevirsity

London Stock Exchange

TAG Talal Abu Ghazala for Training

The Egyption Company for cleareance, Settelement and central deposity

Agyption Capital Market Authority

Arabic Society of certefied accountants

Sigma6 for training and devolpment

Aljuhud Group for training

Impact Company F.M.M

General Council for Islamoc Banks and Institutions

Our teacher 


Libyan Stock Market interested in choosing lecturers carefully depending on:

-          Who have Qualifications and years of experience in the field.

-          Who are known for their success, creativity and professional in their organizations.

-          Who have the ability to deliver and impact

-          Who have an extensive knowledge in their fields and related areas

-          Who are conservatives to develop their skills and knowledge.

-          Who are able to deal with several types of participants

-          Who  are aware that the changing is the main element in the educational process.


All materials were designed in accordance to a scientific style that helps the trainee to understand the mechanism of stock markets and get use of these scientists in other works related to stock market. In accordance to the most updated researches and studies in this field.

Means used for clarification

-          Using an influential means to present programs helps participants to communicate with and follow the training program such as using a power point data show

-          To establish the concept of  ideas in addition to the practical applications are special cases of building ‘’ cases ‘’ in the form of individual or collective to promote the concept of the practical application. Through


For the Libyan Stock Market’s faith of the importance of evaluation process after the training program we are evaluating each participant in coordination with the lecturer in order to provide a detailed report of the Department - Training Department (treated as strictly confidential) shows the behavior of the participant, and the enthusiasm and effectiveness during the training program, and in the other side is evaluating the training program  and scientific material and the extent of overall satisfaction about the program by the participants and their remarks will be studied very carefully


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