The Libyan capital market

On 03/04/2008 the LSM launched electronic trading and electronic system for clearing and Central Depository System Settlement, and the  Guarantee Fund after it was linked to the headquarters of the market in Benghazi and Tripoli electronically using optical fiber and also linking up using satellites to be one of the pioneers in this field in Libya.

The launch of the market for securities in Libya is the foundation stone in organizing and building an economy based on investment and free competition and transparency in the best pictures and offers everything for what it is.

The main purpose of the establishment of the market to regulate trading operations and conduct under companies and deposit its securities through Thih investment environment for securities for the benefit of the national economy and encourage investment and promote awareness of investment in all segments of Libyans and contribute to the implementation of programs ownership units of general economic, which would contribute to expand base property in addition to the development of ties and cooperation in the relations between the Arab and international markets so as to enhance investor confidence in the national economy and the organization and the Commodity Futures Trading on the local level and Africa.

It also aims Capital Market Libyan to serve the interest of the national economy of Libya and working on strengthening the foundations of proper handling and equitable and control provisions of the trading in securities for the development of investment awareness to ensure direct savings on the productive sectors, which seeks to raise the level of human resources through training program continued and contribute to the development of financial institutions and staff to keep pace with developments in world financial markets.

One of the few achievements that accompanied the year 2009, which saw a clear growth and development and where it was during this year the launch of the new website for the market, which operates according to the latest techniques in addition to a range of new services and of short message service center voice services, which allow investors to pursue its operations in market accurately and promptly.

As for the legislative environment, the issuance of the Capital Market Law is the most important achievements of the great effort culminated in the preparation of the draft law, workshops and meetings with national experts and Arabs in this area the issuance of Law No. (11) on the capital market for the year 2010.

 This achievement will open the door for real activity and organizer of the capital market and includes the regulatory body entrusted with the regulation of financial institutions operating in the capital market environment.

At the international level, the Capital Market Libyan Although is young it has succeeded in attracting the attention of other Arab markets and get the honor of presiding board of directors of Arab Stock Exchanges for the year 2010 and also a member of the Executive Committee of the Organization of deposit States of Africa and the Middle East) Alameda (as Up Market to the International Organization for investor protection and the one of the first Arab countries acceding in addition to membership of the Union of African stock markets and the membership organization for international numbering ego and the membership of the World Federation of Exchanges as an observer.

Has contributed to the capital market Libyan during the year 2010 very hard to raise awareness and culture issuing numerous periodicals and publications, especially the Bulletin economic index monthly and which tracks business events market a month and many have stayed and training programs in coordination with several institutions known for their competence in this area and the number of trainees during this year more than one thousand five hundred trainees..

Trading was stop in the Libyan Stock Market on 20/02/2011 since the start of the revolution on February 17,  2011, and most notably the death of the employee Salem Hussein Alriqiei and arrested a number of staff of the market,and also the headquarters was stormed  and the looting of some of its contents by al-Gaddafi and his loyalists.

Public administration and then moved to the Libyan capital market for the new building at Andalus district in Tripoli and began to complete the remaining work at headquarters where it was transferred,

After the liberation of Libya and the appointment of a transitional government and the stability of the situation began to market management to take measures to resume trading in the market and on 03/15/2012, The bell was ng to start trading  and resume work at the Libyan Capital Market

All this comes after  thanks to God and thanks to the sincere efforts of workers in the market and brokerage firms and listed companies

The market and this hard work paints a rosy picture of a distinctive national economy based on disclosure and transparency and awareness