General Manager's word


Ladies and Gentlemen,



Kind greeting,

It is a pleasure to see you through our modern economic beloved window. Trying to reconcile with God's help and to provide a picture of the economic future of Libya through the establishment of the Libyan stock market.

This market is largely due to count organization of the Libyan contributing companies. In many ways. It creates opportunities for companies that contribute to transparent and clear and reflect the level of performance in a clear and appropriate follow up on a platform through which investors and owners of these companies and the performance by means of the foregoing financial statements periodically. And published reports and disclosed by the events of substantial impact on the functioning of these companies.

The market offers great opportunities to the owners of the stock for better options through the availability of an appropriate price for the shares and the possibility of replacement of fair value in the light of demand and supply, and our performance and expectations in the future.

The presence of the Libyan stock market will give new prospects for the national economy and strengthen confidence in the Libyan sought by the citizen. It also will create new investment opportunities for these existing and new companies through the pooling of savings of the citizens and their transformation into investment through the purchase of shares by listed companies.

The stock market by any of the benefits of the economy is very important, it creates new economic activities, and gives investors a new investment through the provision of more information and working on activating the economic institutions and important investment in the economy such as banks and insurance companies which have opened new areas and services were not well known, such as financial intermediation services and the conservation of the securities and financial investments and director of investments and investment funds and others.




Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen,


We invite you to identify the Libyan stock market


                                We are ready to answer your queries and we are pleased with your suggestions


                                                             You have our appreciation and respect


Dr. Ahmed Karoud


General Manager



Libyan Stock Market